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This site presents a new technical solution to facilitate the use of concentrated solar radiation for cooking or other purposes, with a reflector attached to the fašade

What is the improvement made to the solar concentrator of terrace ?

The innovation allows the concentrator be accessible from inside the building, which was not possible before.

Global view, latitude 35░, Mach 20

How is the concentrator integrated to the building ?
In climates without cold season, the cooking plan is placed ahead of a south-facing window. When the window is closed, the use of solar energy does not heat the house.
Below, two global views, March 20, early afternoon and late afternoon.
Global view, latitude 35░, March 20

Two detail views
Detail view, latitude 35░, March 20 Detail view, latitude 35░, March 20

And for cold weather climates ?
The cooking plan is protected by a bay window, then it is inside the building, and accessible whatever the weather.
Below, two views of the bay window from outside and from inside.
Detail view from outside Detail view from the intside

What is the interest of this innovation ?
The concentration of solar radiation allows the use of solar energy for cooking, with a high energy efficiency, while using a simple technology, easy to maintain and recycle, unlike the use of solar cells, with low efficiency, with high technology and very expensive.
When there's no need to cooking, the concentrated solar energy can be used to heat the room or a hot water tank...
It is in areas with regular sunshine that this technique is most effective.
A possible construction technology is similar to that of parabolic satellite antennas used for television: a stamped sheet metal, motor axes controlled by an electronic card.
Whatever the region, cooking directly on solar energy represents a strong user experience, a bit like using direct fire in a barbecue.

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